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Archbishop Dr. Uwe A.E. Rosenkranz,

Company Profile

The founder of ROSARY implemented the BIOSEAL 1992.

This created the EG-Kommission´s ÖKOVERORDNUNG.

2000 the BIOSEAL was established in the greater EU (SCHENGEN).

2010 it went global with IFOAM.

Uwe Rosenkranz is holding the PATENT RIGHTS of


In 2016 climate funds at UNFCCC (Climate Secretary, Bonn, Germany) have been evaluated and cleared. The Lighthouse Activity in ITC (Intelligent Technology and Communication) is running as momentum of #CSO53 (Food Security, persistant livelihood) and #CSO150 (Renewable energy).

MSCS the international implementing agency is seated at NEW DELHI, INDIA. Uwe Rosenkranz holds the positions as chairman and president of MSCS Germany as global entity, 

CEO of ROSARY UG & Co KG Holding  (atypical still commanitists with USP and Agreement of ROI-Thesaurierung).

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